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From here on in, turn to MBSPACE 21 July 2011

It's time for a bit of a shake-up. Time to make sure the music comes free and easy - alongside everything else.

That means this site - OnTheMoon - will sit as a window into all those early musical adventures.

For my latest musical goings on, gigs, new tracks and the like, keep an eye on MBspace.

As for this space, it can sit as the musical archive.

But I will still write, and I will still play - it's too much fun not too.

Let the tunes (re)begin again 04 November 2009

I had a bit of good news a few weeks back. You see, the pursuit of musical millions slowed as I took on another career – one which actually paid me some money. Only just, mind.

Anyway, having dotted the ‘eyes’ and crossed the ‘tees’ on being bona fide, what better way to celebrate by writing some new tunes.

I’m thinking a five track EP. My drummer extraordinaire Dan Reynolds and I have already had a chat or two over snooker about it – how more official do you need?

The official and MBspace sites will get a little lick into shape over the coming weeks, as well as my trying to actually write new material. Having the same set for two years was going to get a little tired eventually.

The opening track is on its way; the finale just needs its lyrics. That only leaves the middle bit. Will keep you posted.

One more gig for 2008 12 November 2008

Despite the fact this continues to be a hiatus, I am interspersing it with gigs. So I apologise for the lack of communication but I am around and the music continues.

I would like to invite you all to one more show this year (as things stand anyway, you never know when another will turn up!)

Bedford's in Norwich is hosting a lovely evening of music with some fantastic acts on show, and it only costs a (over-used pun alert) credit crunching 100p to get in.

As an update on proceedings, I am planning to do a few shows as next year arrives and will then start writing a recording a new album from the autumn. I already have a few ideas for how I want it to sound, so I'm pretty excited already.

In between, I'll be playing around and popping in new bits and bobs, like videos to some of the last album's tracks and other shenanigans yet to be invented.

Anyway, what I'm try to say is keep popping along on here, on MBSPACE and wherever if you like the music - because I haven't packed it all in.
On a quick side note, I thought the the Next Big Thing final at the UEA LCR on Sunday was a great occasion.

I've had the privilege of playing with three of the six finalists and I think everyone did justice to their music.
I hate it when art - especially music - is made into competition. It's an oxymoron.

But I would love to play the LCR stage and I hope all the acts enjoyed the night and being in the spotlight - that was the real aim of the evening.

Ed Sheeran, Killamonjambo and everyone else now has the chance to build on that exposure. In that way, they all won by getting so far.
Enough preaching, hopefully I'll see some of you on Wednesday,

Get in with the Arts Centre goodness 27 September 2008

Hello all. I can't wait for next Saturday, playing in the main auditorium of the Norwich Arts Centre once again - but for the first time on my own. A week of practice awaits.

A lovely big thank you to Lot 55 for asking me to support them. It isn't the first time I've opened a gig for them and I hope it's not the last either.

They are good people and I'm looking forward to hearing their set, as well as The Loyal Few.

Hope to see a few of you at the weekend - it should be a cracker! Not half.


An explanation... of sorts 10 August 2008

This whole world is a crazy mish-mash sometimes, and pretty hard to fathom.

I have been very quiet, I know, and just when my second, big project was completed. A record I was extremely proud of. I still am.

Maybe I should have given everything up around me to pursue it. But you would have a job convincing me of it.

Music and its people has changed beyond recognition in a very few years. Since I started, the bear pit has grown. It is wonderful that so many people can bang out the music in their head without any real obstacle.

Talent can get you so far. It can ensure you perform to people, offer them up your musical meanderings and enjoy any appreciation it creates. That is how I like, and how I aim to keep it.

I do not like being forced to sell. I’m not a salesman and never will be. I am not messed up in my head and it is something I am very grateful for. I do not wish it was different.

So, while 2007 allowed me to pursue some other avenues, this year I am looking forward to performing and distributing my music in the way it was always intended – as an expression of me, my head and my thoughts.

I have returned to Norwich and will entertain as time progresses. My last album, About That Dream Of Yours, is out and around. It got some lovely feedback and has no best before date on it. It is not particularly fashionable – so it will not go out of fashion. Buy it if you like it, listen to it on MBSPACE.

I am sorry for the silence. I have missed playing. But I am back. I will be playing in London, as well as Norwich, when the opportunity arises and is right.

You all have my best and I hope to see you soon.

MB New album is released 02 April 2007

So this is it.

The project which began in September 2005 has reached its logical yet exciting conclusion with today's release of my second album about that dream of yours...

As it says below, the CD is available to buy securely on this website via the link. Shortly, the album will also be available to download with my friends at tunetribe

The album has just been reviewed at You can view the full review by clicking here

In summary it says:

"A nine-track melodic blend of heart-strung vocals... held together with Bailey's clear instrumental ability.

about that dream of yours... defies Bailey's gentle nature, showing an empathy for inner turmoil that's delivered eerily, with impressive confidence.

This is an emotive album, but the power with which it is conveyed prevents any sympathy. For this record is anything but schmaltzy.

Falling in love with Rusalka will be a hit before long. Others will follow. You heard it here first."

More reviews will follow in the future. In the meantime,
please let me know what you feel about the new album too.

A big thank you to everyone who has made the album possible. You're great...


about that dream of yours... NOW

Just click here

MB makes NME 22 March 2007

...just about...

Page 20 of this weeks NME (24 March 2007) sees their RADAR hit Norwich's music scene.

As well as my favourites .SUB and THE ELEPHANT DRESS getting glowing recommendations (quite rightly too), they afforded this:

"...the beautifully mellow and intense sound of Michael Bailey. With vocals drenched in emotion, guitar and delicate piano, it's no wonder that he has such a huge and loyal following around town."

Not one to blow my own trumpet, but who am I to argue with such reasoned opinions?

Becky & Jazzy - You are stars. Just wait until they hear the new album...


about that dream of yours... NOW

Just click here

about that dream of yours...
03 March 2007

It has been some time in the waiting, but I can finally announce my new album will be called about that dream of yours...

It will be officially released on Monday 2 April 2007. You can pre-order/purchase the album by clicking here and will be able to download the album from tunetribe in the near future.

The record features nine tracks recorded over last summer, and between now and its release we will be previewing the songs on MBSPACE.

At the moment you can hear all too altruistic - the piano track we didn't quite fit into the set at B2 last month. Please have a listen and leave a comment if you wish - either on MBSPACE or on our official forum on this site.

We will be changing the track on MBSPACE every so often leading up to the album's release date, so keep tabs...

You can pre-order about that dream of yours... NOW on the official site.
Just click here.

Thank you everyone for your support so far.

I hope you enjoy the new album.



At last... we're almost there...

Last June Dan, Alex and I set out on my latest musical project. Nine tracks, written in the months before, were ready to be put down for a new album and a new set of musical offerings.

We finished recording and mixing only three weeks ago. The tracks have now been mastered, with the final cuts landing on my door last Friday.

The art work and concept is soon to be finished, at which time we will announce the title, track list and full release date. Details of availability and reviews will also follow.

As of today, only a handful of people have heard the album. Getting the record out to you guys and your ears is the really exciting part...

As a little taster, Bedsprings (a promoter I regularly play for) recorded a live track at a show last year. The track is now on offer to your ears on MBSPACE. A studio version features on the new album and it is a track I play live regularly.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in 2006 - as always it is really appreciated. There are a few gigs organised for the coming months. 2007 will not be as prolific as previous years, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to catch me playing live - be it solo or with the band. For the forthcoming gigs, just check out the GIGS page.

As I have said above, more announcements will follow. In the meantime, you have my best...

Michael x

INSIDE OUT 30 August 2006

It's been a long time. But a worthwhile journey.

It's all 'here'. My blogs from MBSPACE are all below. Have a read. I hope it puts some context around the new record...






There are a few gigs coming up too, which will see some of the new songs given an airing. Check the GIGS page for all the information you need, which includes recording a live track for Bedsprings Acoustic.

There are photos up from the recording sessions too. I think that covers it for now. Come along to the Water Rats on Friday - will be trific...


ON THE ROAD AGAIN 19 June 2006

Last weekend Dan, Alex & I locked ourselves away to begin recording the follow-up to last seen on the moon. To follow progress, keep an eye on my blog on News on the new album & subsequent other related events will appear on here too of course...

As a result of writing and recording, the gig schedule will be a little thinner over the next few weeks. However. the gigs that do appear will be of the highest quality, as well as showcasing the new songs soon to be released...

That I believe leaves things up to date for now. More news when I get it...



This Sunday sees me playing at The Barfly, one of the capital's best and most renowned live venues. I was able to play there with the band last month and loved it. This time will be slightly different as take the reigns. I'm going to be performing a solo headline set and I can't wait.

I still have a few tickets left, which are well worth the paultry £3 ticket price! (CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS)

It's worth taking a look at mymyspacepage too as there's a brand new demo track available to download (SEE LINKS). I played 'forever now' for the first time at Norwich Arts Centre/Jeniferever last Thursday and managed to record a version of it the following day. Hope you like it.

That shouldn't be the end to new demo tracks emerging. I'm hoping to have some sessions booked in soon at The Cave studios, Norwich to begin work on a follow up to 'LSOTM'. A lot of the tracks have already been written since I've been in London and should get an airing on Sunday. Needless to say, I'm very excited.

Just another reason to make it to the Barfly eh?! Take care and see you on Sunday...


Ticking Along 22 May 2006

There's some great shows coming up...

A solo headline set at The Barfly (Camden) in a couple of weeks (BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE).

Then on Saturday (27 May) the band and I are playing a set for Club Fabulous @ Leonards, Islington. It'll probably be the last gig with the Band in the capital for a few months as I work on some new material. Therefore, if you haven't caught us yet, that be the day...

Firstly though is the return to Norwich's Arts Centre as main support to the wonderful JENIFEREVER on THURS 25 MAY. It's going to be a fantastic night of music - if you can make it, you should. And if you visit the FORUM it could be for free...

All of the information you need for these and other gigs can be found by clicking on GIGS

Hope you're all well & hopefully see you all very soon!
Best wishes

Express trains 06 May 2006

I'd like to say hello and thanks to everyone I spoke to and saw over the past week's gigs. They were 3 great shows, I enjoyed them very much!

The last set of which, at Monkey Chews, was recorded. So some new recordings should be making their way onto cyberspace soon - including some new songs.

There are some great GIGS coming up over the next few weeks too. You know what to do...


Oh the Boderline... 13 April 2006

My much anticipated slot at the Borderline is coming. I'm really excited about the show. All the information you need is on the GIGS page.

If you're in Norwich visit the FORUM pages as we're laying on transport so you don't even need to worry about the problems of logistics!

I've got a new electric guitar too, so you can see that in action for the first time! If you can, come along. It'll be worth it...


**HARD ROCK REARRANGED** 03 April 2006

I found out from the promoters today that my show at the Hard Rock on Thursday (6 April) has had to be rearranged for Thursday 1 June 2006.

According to the promoters there was a problem with the venue's availability so the show has had to be put back to one of the other agreed dates they have. This is obviously beyond my control but I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Tickets already bought will continue to be valid for the rearranged date, plus further tickets will be made available for the new date - just click here to buy yours.

More gigs are to be announced shortly too...

Sorry again,


Today we can reveal that Michael has been booked to headline at the Hard Rock Cafe near Hyde Park London on Thurday 6 April at 10pm in what will be his biggest solo show to date.

It's something that we're all extremely excited about. Tickets are only £3 in advance and available to buy online on this site. Just click here or visit the MERCHANDISE SHOP page.

All information for the show is on the GIGS page. It's a show Michael wants to make a success. Make it to London if you can & show your support.


The Sky Is Falling In... 09 March 2006

It has been confirmed today that Michael is going to have a track included in the new issue of The Tilting Sky cd magazine.

It is released on Friday 24 March 2006 and all the details you need can be found on

On the evening of that same day, there will be a launch party for the 3rd issue's release at The Cut in Halesworth, Suffolk. Get yourself along to it if you can and support the region's finest.

OTM News

BUSY BEES 20 February 2006

Gigging is the order of the day...

Last week was officially a success, with 'prelude' being played on radio, me and the band headlining the Bull & Gate last Sunday, and 2 well supported gigs during the week. Some PHOTOS have been added to the relevant pages for your viewing...

There are lots of gigs coming up over the next few weeks - it would be great to see any of you around London at one of the shows soon. They're all listed on the GIGS page.

Thanks for all the support so far & see you soon,


I've been reliably informed that 'prelude' is going to be broadcast on PULSE RATED's 'The A List' show on SATURDAY 11TH FEBRUARY at 4PM.

You can listen to the broadcast live online at WWW.PULSERATED.COM or in the UK on SKY CHANNEL 905.

If you catch it, leave a comment on the forum and tell the world! or me. both are good...

And of course, the BULL & GATE awaits on Sunday. Will be great to see you all there.


Bull In A China Shop 06 February 2006

So Sunday sees Michael's full band debut in London as he plays the famous Bull & Gate pub in Kentish town. The band are ready, with several new songs planned for the show.

Travel in and around London is all straight forward. Those wanting to travel from Norwich, there are seats and arrangements in place. Should you need any help or information, just visit or contact us on the forum.

That is it. We'll see you on Sunday!

OTM News

NEW YEAR, NEW AIM 07 January 2006

Welcome to 2006 from Michael and OTM!

It's going to be quite an interesting year we feel, and certainly a busy one! Quite possibly some things happening at short notice. Some taking months of planning. And a lot of blagging...

It all starts this Sunday at the Spice of Life's lovely downstairs venue. All the information you need for this and the other shows coming up is on the GIGS page. And the list will continually be added to.

So, for now, we hope we'll see you on the road some time soon.

our year ladies and gentlemen 21 December 2005

last night's gig at monkey chews was the last of what has been a very busy year. id like to take this post to say a massive thank you to everyone who has spent 1 second or more helping me out, supporting me, or just visiting this site - it really is appreciated.

lots of good things happened over the year and 2006 promises to be even busier and hopefully better. so keep visiting the site, make sure you're on the mailing list or keeping track on myspace, as there will be gigs to get to, new demo recordings and lots of exciting news.

until then, have a fantastic christmas and new year!

michael x

ah bless! 30 November 2005

Michael successfully made his debut in London last weekend, opening for Flook's Sunday Session at the ELBOW ROOM in Islington. Acts headlining the night included MOOLI and LUPEN CROOK. Fair to say that much fun was had by all.

The next show for Michael is back in Norwich supporting ex-million dead man FRANK TURNER with newly radio1'd ARMY OF ONE on THURS 1 DEC. See the gigs page for more information.

Finally, LAST SEEN ON THE MOON is now available to download legally via WWW.TUNETRIBE.COM - all the information you need is on the MUSIC & MERCHANDISE pages.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the ORENDA FINK gig on DEC 13TH. It promises to be a fantastic show!

See you soon

WATERSHIP DOWN 14 November 2005


He will perform a FULL BAND set to open the night, headlined by ORENDA FINK and with MAYDAY - both are label mates on saddlecreek of BRIGHT EYES.

All ticket and other information is on the GIGS page. It promises to be a fantastic show, and the perfect way to finish a pretty successful year.


Oh to play again... 07 November 2005

Things look so quiet at the moment, but the truth is a lot of work over the next few weeks is going to go quietly unseen below the surface.

So, to ensure i can sufficiently check that im still alive and kicking, a few bonus shows will be coming up over the next few weeks leading into christmas and 2006.

Final details will be released shortly, but in the meantime i hope i catch you at one of the shows.

See you soon,

GIVE ME MORE MORE MORE 13 October 2005

As the site nears its own state of happy and content bliss, it means even more is availble to you who visit.

New photos have been added, including shots from the EP Launch at Norwich Arts Centre last August.

Plus, every track Michael has recorded is now available to listen to on the site. This means you can stream all the EP tracks, as well as the earliest demo recordings.

Finally, if you weren't aware, Michael has a site on myspace which includes his own blog. Just visit LINKS to have a look.


2 fronts 06 October 2005

Firstly, apologies for how quiet its been recently. Please allow me to bring you up to date.

The EP is out and available for anyone who wishes to purchase it on the website. In the course of the next few weeks, it should also make some appearances in various media guises so keep your wits about you.

As you may have noticed, my chase of Norwich's gig circuit hasn't continued since the EP launch. This is because, as planned, I'm now living in London. But do not fret! There will still be gigs in the fine city. Join the mailing list, if you haven't already, to avoid missing out. And if you're anywhere but Norwich, hopefully I'll see you on the road... somehwere...

There will also be a few updates to the site, including more MP3s to listen to & some new photos.

And finally, please check out the LINKS page, and click on the '.m.b. channel4' link. You can view, listen, and most importantly RATE. Everylittlehelps...

See you soon

NEWS. NEWS. AND MORE NEWS! 10 September 2005


If you haven't yet got a copy, or you have just stumbled across this site & you want to hear how it sounds, then just visit the MUSIC & MERCHANDISE page & you can safely and securely order your copy of


Michael has also been asked to open for CLEM SNIDE at Norwich Arts Centre this monday (12 Sept) which promises to be a lovely occassion. All the information is on the GIGS page.

In the meantime, enjoy the last drops of summer...


THANKS AGAIN! 07 September 2005

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who had any little thing to do with the EP Launch this time last week. The evening was an amazing success, with the Arts Centre looking full & the music going down a treat.

For information: We had over 200 people through the doors, with 1 in 4 people walking out with an album. It was fantastic & I'd personally like to thank everyone who has showed support for me & what im doing. You're all great!

A big thank you also to Grand Prix 86, Some Best Friend and DJ Jonny who used music to bring smiles out of people on the night.

I hope you enjoyed the night, and i hope you like the album.


HERE IT IS... 30 August 2005

Everything is ready.

Tomorrow promises to be a fantastic night.

We hope everyone enjoys it!

See you there...

pleasure you can't mention 20 August 2005

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone i spoke to at Radio Norfolk on friday. The whole event was a real pleasure & the staff there were very lovely. Plans are afoot to try and get the interview on this site, so if you didn't catch it, don't worry too much...

The 2 warm up gigs also passed with flying colours. Both the Mustard Lounge and the Marquee witnessed some fun. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over this last week. It really is appreciated.

There will be a couple of smaller gigs this week, leading up to the ALBUM LAUNCH. It would be lovely to see some of you there. The album is ready now. You never know. I may have a copy or two on me.

Hope you're all well too. See you soon...

HOT OFF THE PRESS 14 August 2005

Live on RADIO NORFOLK on Friday. That's when Michael is back on the airwaves. It will feature chat and music from the new EP, some of which may well be live. See the GIGS page for all the information.

For those who haven't managed to catch a copy of play magazine, the review has now been added to the PHOTOS section of the site. Just click on the PLAY REVIEW image and it will enlarge enough so the review can be read.

Also next to the review is a sneaky peak at the EP cover for LAST SEEN: ON THE MOON. Hope it's something to whet the appetite.

There will be 2 warm up gigs leading up to the EP launch this week - on THURSDAY and FRIDAY evening this week. Details will filter through as the events get closer, so keep your ears peeled.

And of course, tickets are on sale for the EP launch at Norwich Arts Centre. It's cheaper to get your ticket in advance, so make sure you pop down to the venue and take advantange...

enough. goodnyt.


press PLAY for details 08 August 2005

The new edition of play (august 2005 - issue 9) has a lovely review on page 13 of one of Michael's acoustic sets last month.

The magazine is free and hangs around most of Norwich's street corners so feel free to pick up a copy. If you don't get to see the review, hopefully the review will be available on the site soon too, so watch this space...



With great pleasure, and after a lot of hard work, OTM can happily announce that NORWICH ARTS CENTRE will host the launch party for Michael's debut EP release - LAST SEEN: ON THE MOON on WEDNESDAY 31 AUGUST 2005 @ 7.45pm. With limited exposure so far, this is quite a coup.

Headlining the evening, Michael will perform a headlining set including tracks from the new record. He will be on stage with drummer Dan Reynolds & new bassist Alex Wilson.

The evening's line up is completed by some very strong support. 'Somebestfriend' have already attracted all kinds of interest with their melody & maturity. And opening proceedings will be the fabulously fun 'grand prix 86' indulging in casio keyboards and pop-tastic hooks.

There will also be DJs in the bar & all kinds of merchandise on sale, including copies of the new album.

Buying tickets in advance for the night is both cheaper for you & helps the artists out too, so to book yours please email or visit

It promises to be a fantastic occassion. We look forward to seeing you there!


my band... 25 July 2005

I'd like to just announce that, due to other commitments, stuart mckay wont be bassing for me at gigs in future. He will however hopefully continue to help me out with equipment, engineering & live shows.

Id like to go on computer record as saying a big thanks to all stu's live help so far. He's a jem.

For the gigs coming up, Alex Wilson will be behind the bass. He has also added his ears to the EP's mixing process, so a thank you to him for stepping in & helping me out.

See you all soon

LAST SEEN: ON THE MOON ep 23 July 2005

Today OTM is happy to announce the Michael's debut EP 'last seen: on the moon' is to be officially released on Wednesday 31st August 2005.

On the Wednesday night, there will be a launch party, with Michael performing tracks off the EP with band accompaniment. Details of the launch party will follow soon, but for now please keep this date free & in your diaries!



Today, we can exclusively reveal that Michael Bailey's debut release will be titled 'Last seen: ON THE MOON'. It is set to be launched in a blaze of frantic promotion, culminating in a party at one of norwich's premier music venues. Talks are ongoing and more information will follow soon.

Meanwhile OTM would like to pass on its thanks to everyone who came along to the AUDIOKID event last Thursday. The evening was a fantastic success & Michael would like say say a special thank you to Ed, Rich and all of SomeBestFriend for putting on such a lovely and enjoyable evening.


refresh & renew 25 June 2005

as you may have seen, there are no gigs currently scheduled. this is so michael can bury himself in a studio for a few weeks to get stuck into the ep. some exciting news regarding the release will follow soon...

there will be some live performances coming up later in the summer though, so keep coming back.

the site is also receiving some love & attention. the new page MUSIC & MERCHANDISE will hold lyrics, downloads & streams of songs as well as music and other stuff you can buy. its in its early stages, but will be fantastic once its completed. please bare with us.

michael would also like to extend his thanks to nik at TFD media, who really does rock!


lateness makes the world go 25 May 2005

so, what is happening i hear you ask?? well, i can confirm that the ep is likely to include 6 tracks, some of which may be new songs. watch this space, or the blog, for all the latest. work has also begun for the launch of the ep. more news on the gig will follow which is likely to take place, along with the ep release, late summer.

i'd also like to say a special thank you to those at the marquee tonight. it made the evening a lovely intimate occassion & i'd like to personally thank you on the site. hopefully i'll see you soon.

sorted x

the grapevine 12 May 2005

good afternoon!
firstly i'd like to thank the people who have supported me on my recent excusions around norwich, including last night's gig at the alibi. there are some good gigs coming up over the next 2 weeks, so please spread the word to all and sundry.
i can exclusively reveal on this site that work is now well underway for michael bailey's debut release. the ep, due for completion later in the summer, will feature some solo tracks as well as full band arrangements. a party will hopefully accompany the launch.
there's no early clue on the track listing, but if you want to follow developments, go to links as there is now an online blog to tune into and watch me meltdown before your eyes.

hope everyone's well too

the daily grind 19 April 2005

since the seemingly successful showcase last month, its been a little calmer. i've been writing a few new tracks which are coming together, and the return to solo gigging is starting to get into full swing again. try to catch one of the acoustic shows coming up as the locations have a really unique atmosphere of their own.

tomorrow and thursday sees me, dan and stuart getting down to some studio work for a kind of experimental recording jaunt. not sure which tracks are to go down, but im hoping bits will be good enough to be considered for inclusion on the ep which im currently working on. more news will follow...

finally, the site isnt a millions miles away from being linked to some music. michael bailey mp3s should be available to either stream or download, so keep an eye or 2 open.

hope all is going well where you are & here's to april.

thank you 29 March 2005

this is to say a massive thank you to a lot of people...

1stly josh & the band for opening the proceedings in such style. 2ndly to the guys from .sub who not only continually impress me with how damn nice they are, but also how good...

id like to especially thank dan & stuart for all their hard work & doing the songs justice. none of it would have been possible without them & i already owe them a lot.

and finally id like to thank everyone who came, listened, picked up a cd, or just showed their support. it's all very much appreciated & i hope you enjoyed the night...

please feel free to say what you think on the CONTACT pages. also, if you managed to leave without a copy of the promo cd of myself & josh and would still like one, please email me at with your address & i'll send you the details.

thank you all

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